The Drumroll, Please! Introducing… AE Events

What’s changed, you ask? Since 2001, we’ve been Altieri Events. It was a good name, a solid name (it’s Christine’s name, after all). But after Jana joined in 2006, it didn’t quite represent who we were anymore, not exactly. The transition to AE Events (the A is for Altieri and the E for Jana’s maiden name, Euler) is meant to represent our equal partnership and devotion to growing a strong, successful business rooted in creativity, mutual respect, and teamwork. So far, it’s been a seamless process, thanks in large part to the efforts of Robert Parsons of Seven Elm, who created our new logo and website.

In our line of work, the notion of teamwork comes up a lot. With our employees and with each other, we’re fair and respectful. We aim to teach our team how to be successful by giving them the independence to develop their confidence. With our vendors, we know that kindness pays. We acknowledge everyone’s role in ensuring an event’s success. We appreciate hard work.

And with our clients, we are nothing if not involved. We place great importance on our hands-on approach; we work directly with all clients and are engaged throughout the entire process. Sometimes that means showing up at dawn to help the linen guy unload his truck. Always that means we’re obsessively in contact with every last vendor in the weeks leading up to an event. Every project, big or small, requires the precise coming together of a vast number of players. It’s like a symphony.

What hasn’t changed: Our love of event planning. Jana began directing community and school events as a minister’s daughter growing up in Alabama. Christine has planned her life like an event, with lists and deadlines and schedules, ever since high school. It’s in our blood, truly. We enjoy every step, from meeting new clients—and we get to work with so many interesting people—to understanding what they need, making it happen, and putting out the inevitable fires (the ones they’ll never know about). It’s exhilarating—the day we don’t get event-day jitters will be the day we call it quits—and deeply gratifying. We know it takes a great deal of trust to put an important event in the hands of others. We’re grateful every day.