Welcome Bags

From the desk of: Phoebe Allen

You may have noticed that wedding welcome bags are becoming more and more intense these days, with customized items and bits and pieces from the couple’s lives…so we are here to help you decide what to put in and what to keep out of them!

First, we want to also point out that the only people who should receive them are your guests staying in hotels and your bridal party! The group of friends that wanted to save some dollars and rent an air B&B does not need a welcome bag. You should not have to drive around the city delivering these bags… this weekend is about you, not them!

For starters, a welcome bag is a gift basket (so to speak) that is put in a hotel room upon arrival, usually filled with goodies to get them through the weekend. Which brings us to another point…we only suggest one per room. Couples are quite good at sharing, and the only reason we see the need to have two bags in one room is if there are a set of children and they each would want one….as children do!

We have seen just about everything these days, from bags costing up to $100 each all the way to creatively created at $20 each. We want to help you through it all!

What to have IN your bag:

The bag! You can have this be a reusable bag or just a super cute bag that you love.  It can be customized or not, all up to you!

 Favorite beverage(you can pick between flat waters or sparkling waters.) Some hotels do not allow you to bring in alcoholic beverages, no matter how small, so be aware of that.

Favorite sweet snack. We have seen all pink starburst, salt water taffy, and cotton candy! Be careful to not use a lot of chocolate as it may melt…

Favorite savory snack. Perhaps you love Cape Cod chips, or popcorn, or even kale chips! Who doesn’t love a good health snack.

A hangover kit – or any version of it! These are super easy to make on your own and much cheeper. You can buy the 2 pack of Advil, an Emergen-C, and a small pack of gum.

A welcome letter – We always suggest having a welcome letter! Even if you are not even doing a bag, a welcome note is still a lovely touch. We recommend including all the details your out-of-town guests need to know. Maybe your favorite coffee shop and breakfast spot, a thank you note for them traveling to you, and then the details for your big day! Now, yes, this is all probably on your website, but it can’t hurt to have it right in front of them as well!

What you can add in as extras: None of this is necessary, just fun!

A piece of fruit

Another type of water – if you want both sparking and flat

A luggage tag (because they are traveling!)

More sweet or savory snacks!  If your partner and you have very different tastes, add in both!

We also love working with companies that make them for you! LuxBox is an amazing company that helps you design your perfect welcome bag, and they also have pre-made ones ready to buy!


How Pre-Wedding Jitters Hurt Your Sleep (and How to Get Some Rest on Your Honeymoon)

Written from the desk of Tuck:

Stress is a natural part of life and should be expected when you’re preparing for a wedding. However, wedding stress can lead to sleeplessness, which can put your stress levels over the top. You can start to develop healthy stress management techniques before your ‘I do’s’. Those same techniques can help you catch up on your rest and relaxation once you hit your honeymoon too.

Watch Out for Stress and Sleep Deprivation

We’ve all done it—laid awake tossing and turning while worrying about a big event. As one of the most important events of your life, some amount of sleep loss is to be expected around your wedding. However, sleep deprivation and stress can feed one another until you’re physically, mentally, and emotionally out of balance.

Without at least seven hours of sleep, the brain’s emotional processing center goes into overdrive, especially when it experiences negative thoughts and feelings. At the same time, the brain’s center of logic and reason reduces it’s influence, leaving you even more susceptible to chaotic emotions. But you don’t have to be held hostage to emotional fluctuations.

Make Time to De-Stress

Some wedding stress is unavoidable. However, you can take the time to manage stress on a daily basis to keep it from overtaking your life (and disrupting your sleep). Some of our favorite techniques include:

  • Journaling: When it comes to stress relief, journaling is simple yet effective. A journal provides a place to leave your concerns and worries for the night. You might also want to use it to create the next day’s to-do list or as a gratitude journal so you can focus on the positive.

  • Meditation: Mindfulness meditation, in particular, has been shown to cause a relaxation response, wherein the heart rate and blood pressure decrease. Long-term practitioners even show a strengthened connection between the brain’s emotion and logic centers, which is exactly what you want in preparation for your wedding.

  • Exercise Regularly: Exercise can reduce some of the symptoms of insomnia. In the meantime, it improves your cardiovascular and muscular health. If exercise isn’t your cup of tea, it doesn’t have to be vigorous just consistent enough to reduce your stress.

Use Your Honeymoon for Rest and Relaxation

Your honeymoon is the gold at the end of the rainbow. Wedding stress will finally be gone and you get to spend alone time with your favorite person. Depending on your honeymoon destination, you might need to do a little prep to make sure it’s as relaxing as it should be. We suggest:

  • Anticipating Jet Lag: If you’ll be traveling through more than three or four time zones, jet lag will be an issue. Prepare beforehand by moving your bedtime closer to that of your honeymoon destination in 15 to 30-minute increments. Do the same with your meals as meal timing can influence your sleep cycle too.

  • Napping Sparingly: Naps are good. They can reverse the effects of sleep deprivation, but they should be used sparingly. Anything over 60 minutes could interfere with your nightly sleep schedule so try to keep it to 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Heading Outside: How can going outside help you get some extra rest? Exposure to natural light helps your body adjust the release of sleep hormones to match that of the local time zone. Outside time can be relaxing too. Hit the beach, take a riverside walk, or simply sit outside in the sunshine.

  • Be Prepared: Make sure that if you need any medicinal or mechanical sleep aids, like melatonin or a CPAP machine, make sure you’ve got it packed and ready to go.


Keeping stress in check will help you to enjoy your pre-wedding time so you’re ready to start your new life together off right. Come honeymoon time, you’re ready to catch up on a little rest and relaxation.

Welcome Lauren!

From the desk of Lauren Schreiber, Event Manager:

Hi everyone! I am a Colorado girl with a New England heart who has a passion for travel, design and all things event planning, I have worked in promotions and event services for the last 7 years where I have been lucky enough to work domestically and internationally.  Graduating from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a degree in Philosophy and Political Science, I have been able to apply my passion for learning about existence and reason into a career  focused on really getting to know my clients. I am able to see their vision and help curate an experience they will never forget.

After doing freelance projects on weddings and festivals around New England I was introduced to AE Events and it was a perfect match!

When I am not working you can usually find me in a yoga studio,  at a concert, or somewhere en route to my next adventure.


We at AE Events wanted to share a little bit about what we are thankful for!  Read below to see what we cherish.

Phoebe Allen: I am thankful for my dog and my family of course!  And I am actually thankful for thanksgiving as it is my favorite day of the year.

Christine Altieri: I am thankful for those who put their lives on the line to keep us safe – thank you especially to the Firefighters in California

Carrie Dirats: I am thankful for being part of a team that buoys each other up and cheers each other on!

Jamie Donovan: Family – both blood and chosen, freshly brewed coffee, puppies – big and small, beach days, a bottle of nice Italian wine, pasta, New Music Fridays, and essential oils

Jana Gimenez: To quote an terrific speaker I heard recently, I am thankful for “heads up” time.  These days it is so easy to be“heads down” digital, so I am grateful for moments of real connection… laughter around a family table, an outing with a friend, a good old-fashioned brainstorm session with a cherished client.  Together time!

Amy Goldberg: I’m thankful to be working with a company that helps to give back to meaningful causes throughout the greater Boston area and for good health.

Samantha King: I am thankful for such a welcoming new group of colleagues that have made me feel at home since the start.

Jessica Mattioli: My family. Because no matter how old I get, my parents can still solve any problem and my older brother is still my protector.  Oh, and red wine!

Caitlin Theall: I am thankful for being apart of a wonderful team that is always willing to jump in an help each other out as needed 🙂

Hi Sam!

Hi there! I am Sam, the newest member of the AE Events team!

I grew up in Boston, but escaped the cold and lived in San Diego for three years, where I pursued my passions in design and event planning… along with pursuing the beautiful weather. I found myself jumping into every event planning opportunity possible. I did everything from Yappy Hours (dog-friendly) to anniversary parties too.

When I moved back to Boston, I hoped to continue to grow my love for event planning and find a way to shine as I learned the ways of the trade. Welcome, AE Events, the perfect fit for me as I start a career in event planning!

When I am not working, I enjoy going to hear live music and spending time with family and friends. I have a great love for travel and adventuring around new cities. Along with my travels, I enjoy being outside whether it be hiking to trying new restaurants, as I say hello to all the dogs around town.

Beat the Heat!

From the desk of: Caitlin Theall

So far, this summer has been a hot one (to say the least)!  Since we can’t control the weather and many events take place in the summer time, here are a few ideas on how to have a successful summer event while staying as cool as possible.

In New England, there are an abundance of beautiful outdoor event spaces. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Wequassett Resort and Golf Club in Harwich, MA – If you still want to make the most of this weather and host an outdoor event, look into venues on the water! You can count on an ocean breeze to keep your guests cool.

2. 9ofs in Boston, MA – This rooftop overlooking the city features a reflection pool and open-air garden, and for those who need an occasional break from the sun, lovely indoor space too!

3. Have a unique experience in mind?  A tented outdoor event is a great way to make it more intimate and personalized.

Give guests a favor they can use during the event…turn your event program into a fan!

Or provide sunglasses…no one will be able to enjoy your event if the sun is blinding them!

And one of our favorite ways  to  keep guests cool…serve refreshing food and drinks!

Frosé anyone?!

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your summer!

Hi Kristen!

From the desk of: Intern Kristen Kaneb

Hi, my name is Kristen, and I am a summer intern at AE Events. My decision to intern at AE involved a lot of thinking about what I hoped to get out of my internship  this summer. As a communications major at Loyola University Maryland, I knew that I wanted a strong background in event planning to better prepare myself for when I begin my job search after graduating from college.

I have always been interested in event planning. I learned that being an event planner would give me the opportunity to plan gatherings for celebrations and create events that bring people together. I look forward to the seeing the pieces all fall into place.

After discovering my passion was to be in event planning industry,I now had to determine where I would do my internship. I knew that I wanted to work in Boston, it is one of my favorite cities.  After some google searches, and asking around –  AE Events stood out over the rest as one of the Best in Boston. The diverse range of events that they managed was something that interested me instantly.

From non-profit to social to corporate, AE plans a variety of events for a diverse scope of customers. I am so excited to be a part of planning galas, weddings, conferences and so much more this summer. I am particularly interested to learn the different approaches to each type of event.


Photography: Allegro


Photography: Michael Blanchard


Photography: Cambria Grace

Hi There! I’m Jess

Hi friends! My name is Jess and I am the brand new Event Manager here at AE Events. I’m thrilled to be joining such a motivated, creative and inspiring team of event planners.

I joined AE Events from a nine-year stint working for non-profit’s all over the world! Beginning in my early 20’s, my homebase was in London, England. I worked as the gala and fundraising project manager for a variety of non-profits working towards ending child malnutrition and hunger in developing nations. What brought me to London? Other than a never-ending sense of adventure, of course, was my master’s degree in Human Rights which I completed at University College London. I then wanted to apply my passion for helping people by working in the non-profit sector. Throughout my career abroad, I managed projects and events for organizations that took me all over the world, primarily to eastern Africa – Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

I was even lucky enough to lead a team of UK-based chefs up Mt. Kilimanjaro for one of their fundraising missions! I have been involved in some pretty amazing experiential projects for which I feel truly blessed to have been a part of.

However, State-side was calling me back across the pond. As a Boston University alumnus and Boston-native, it felt right to be back in the Bean for my next chapter. I spent two years with an amazing Boston-based homelessness organization managing their portfolio of events. But my true desire for years now has been to branch out and truly challenge myself in the world of event planning. I am over the moon that my next adventure will be working at AE Events!

As you could probably imagine, I have an untamable passion for traveling. So, when I’m not planning your next event, you can find me jet-setting!

My love for food and culture was born out of my travel bug, so you can also find me scoping out the next new restaurant opening here in Boston. A true ski bum in the winter and beach goer in the summer, I am a New Englander through and through.

I currently live in the vibrant and fresh Southie neighborhood with my boyfriend and our two-year-old pup, Brody. He is nearly as high energy as I am!

Hi Jamie!

From the desk of: Jamie Donovan

Hi all! I’m Jamie and I am one of the newest members of the AE Events team.

I graduated from Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina in 2014 with a degree in marketing and management. I fell in love with the South (especially the close proximity to the beach!) and all of the beautiful new cities I was able to explore. If you love delicious food, wonderful people, and historic sites, check out Charleston and Savannah – I highly recommend it!

Despite my love for all things warm and beach-y, however, I made the tough decision to pack my life back up and move the 900 miles back to Boston (and the dreaded snow).  Post-graduation, I wasn’t exactly sure what direction I was going to go in as far as my career. Coming from a family of nurses – my mom and both of my sisters are RNs – I was drawn towards the healthcare industry. After spending sometime in a clinical office, I joined the external relations team in the Office of Development at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. During my time there, I had the opportunity to plan donor recognition events and I truly fell in love with the entire event planning process – taking their vision and bringing to life!

So here I am today as a full-fledged event planner at AE Events!  When not in the office, you can most likely find me “down the Cape” with my friends, family and dog, Murphy! He is a four-year-old Irish Setter, who is full of life and lots of energy – but has no concept of personal space.. or that he is not lap dog.

For the weekends that I don’t make it down to West Dennis, you can find me sitting in the sunshine, glass of prosecco in hand, probably a burger in the other – ideally listening to live music!

The Art of Making A Toast

From the desk of: Intern Allison Steiner

When asked to speak at a big event, you either have one of two reactions: fear or excitement. Either one is fine, as long as you stand up and speak when the time comes! Because toasts are often for special occasions, they are expected to be personal and special. However, many people may not know where to start when it comes to creating a toast. So, here’s a few ideas to get you thinking.

Joint Effort: Got the job of making the big toast but are scared to do it? Team up with a close friend or relative and combine your perspectives on your loved one. Brainstorm together about your favorite things about this person and use each other as props as you make your way through your speech.

Personal Anecdote: Delve deep into the past and reminisce about your fun childhood adventures or crazy college memories with your loved one. This will be sure to get some laughs from the crowd, and since you’re speaking from experience, your words should come easily!

Homemade Poem: One way to get your audience emotional is to write an authentic poem for your loved one. Take an hour or two to sit down and think about how this person has inspired you… then write.

Rewrite one of your favorite songs with personalized lyrics. And sing it: This is a major crowd pleaser anywhere you go. Whether it’s rap or a slow, heartfelt song, substituting your own lyrics is sure to get a rise out of your audience, and most importantly, your loved one. So, do your vocal exercises and take that stage!

Take a glass and keep it simple: Sometimes, the best things come in small packages. If you’re not sure what to do and don’t want to make a huge show of your toast, just get up and speak from the heart for a few minutes. If you’re asked to give a toast at an event, you’re obviously special to that person. They will be happy just to see your smiling face up there speaking for them!

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