A Company On A Mission

From the desks of Jana and Christine

In taking a moment to reflect on the past few weeks of events, all we have to say is WOW.  Seriously. We’ve worked with zoo animals, young musicians, public radio hosts, and authors.  A company that has transformed social media marketing. A bride who journeyed from an immigrant background to a Harvard Law degree. Graduates who celebrate with sushi, then go out and change the world.

We are continually awed and inspired by our clients.  So it’s important in these moments that we re-state and re-affirm our mission…so that we always remember.

To bring to life the singular, unique vision of each client, every time

We celebrate diversity.

To build positive, constructive, lasting relationships with our clients and vendors

We celebrate collaboration.

To design and produce innovative, evocative events

We celebrate creativity.

To balance profit with social responsibility

We celebrate community.

Today and every day.

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