HOW TO POP THE QUESTION… The bridesmaid question that is!

From the desk of Kristen Kaneb

Looking for a creative way to ask your girlfriends to be your bridesmaids? From quirky to simple ideas, there are endless ways to ask for your BFF’s support on your special day. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  1. Message in a Mug: As you are at home or in a café enjoying some much needed caffeine, surprise your friend with the exciting news at the bottom of a mug.

You can buy this exact mug here.

2. Solve The Puzzle: Have your friend piece together a puzzle to reveal the message. This idea is fun and unique, not to mention it will get the brain working a little bit!

This puzzle is available at Etsy.


  1. Balloon Burst: Send over a special package to your friends’ houses. Inside the box they will find a balloon labeled “Pop me!” Once they follow the instructions, there is an explosion of confetti and a small note asking them to be your bridesmaid.

This arrangement is available to ship to directly to bridesmaids, with an option for customizable messages on the note.

  1. Cards with a Hidden Message: Ask your girlfriends by sending them a unique card. Have them scratch off the heart to reveal the exciting note.

Purchase this card here.


  1. Tasty Treat: All you need for this idea is a cute little box and a fresh donut. On the outside of the box is the phrase, “I donut want to get married without you,” and after they open it they see you are asking them to be your bridesmaid. And, as a bonus, they get to enjoy a delicious donut in celebration of being selected as a bridesmaid!

This box can be purchased at Etsy.


Panama Fever

Typically it happens right about January 15th, I start to feel the itch – or should I say the cold – and I know it is time to seek warmer weather.  Traveling is one of my greatest pleasures…it affords me the opportunity to meet new people, see new places and learn the history of another country.  This year we set a few parameters for our trip – we only had one week so the flight had to be less than 6 hours, nonstop  (layover + winter = disaster!), temperature greater than 80 degrees, and an interesting history.

Panama it is!  Located in Central American with direct flights from Boston on Copa Airlines – average temperature 85 degrees – decision made.

First stop – Casco Viejo – Old City.  Destroyed in the 1600’s by Captain Henry Morgan (yes – there was a pirate Captain Morgan before he became the name of a famous brand of rum!).

Panama is the wealthiest country in Central America.  The new city showcases some of the most interesting architecture that I have seen.


You cannot go to Panama and not go through the famous locks of the Panama Canal. The canal was started by the French – but they were unable to survive yellow fever and have the engineering skills – enter the USA.  The canal was opened officially in 1914! The US retained ownership until 1999 when the Panama Canal was transferred from the US back to Panama.

Panama is a country of 4 million people – 2 millions of these folks live in Panama City – the city is bustling!  They do have some work to do on their infrastructure …their traffic jams made Boston look good.

It never fails while on vacation I seem to always find a wedding.  This beautiful bride had a “never ending” party on the roof top next to our hotel.

Now time for some peace and quiet…we had our history lessons, met some wonderful people, listened to great jazz so it was time to board a plane and head west – to paradise – Isla Palenque.  Located in the Pacific, off the coast of David, this eco -resort was breathtaking.

This was the perfect way to end our vacation – pool, sun, beach, cocktails – repeat!



Leaping Greenly….

From the desk of Partner Jana Gimenez

As a kid growing up in Alabama, one of my fondest spring memories is my mom announcing each year in early February that she could see the green in the trees.  It became the annual family joke, of course, “Mom’s seeing green again!”  Sure enough, though, the forsythia bushes were budding in her backyard during my visit last week…

I’ve lived in Boston for most of my adult life, so now I have to wait much longer for the green.  Most of the year my sworn favorite color is red, but when the fresh new achingly gorgeous green leaves emerge, my frozen winter heart melts.  What could be more beautiful?









Even though the green is not yet peeping through here in New England, this glorious shade can be found in many places that make me happy.  My table at home…

Our events…



And other happy places soon to come…



Keep looking, it will be here soon!

I thank You God for most this amazing
day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes

e. e. cummings


When challenges arise…who ya gonna call??

From the desk of Amy Goldberg

As much planning as event planners do, day-in and day-out, there is always something that comes up during the process that makes you have to pivot on a dime.  It is part of the job to be able to anticipate each and every possible outcome, snag and snafu and have the perfect way to solve it in a moment’s notice – it is a big part of how and why a client can relinquish the control and pass things into your capable hands.  These are the the behind the scenes kind of things that keep you on your toes and keep your skills sharp.  But none of this is a surprise to anyone that has been in the business for more than a minute.

The question is how do you create strong relationships with vendors, venues, clients (both current and past alike), colleagues and friends that will pitch in when needed to help save the day.  At the end of the day, everyone likes to feel like the hero if possible.

In my opinion, you need to be the same authentic version of yourself in business as you are in your personal life.  While we are “working”, we are also sharing an enormous amount of time in our week creating a rapport with one another and building a sense of trust and understanding.  Transparency in your interactions and remembering that everyone you come in contact with is either a colleague or client in some manner or another sets this ball in motion.  Creating a personal connection with people I think is easiest when we connect face to face, or by telephone…but today so much is done in a face-less, name-less kind of way.

Image result for people texting


(Remember when your mom would always say, “be sure to send a hand-written thank-you note”!)  Try giving yourself a goal of picking up the phone 3 times a day instead of emailing or texting.

Image result for people on the telephone


Ask when you get on the phone if they have a quick moment or if this is a good time to chat…the person on the other end will appreciate your consideration of their time and responsibilities and if they can’t talk, they will often give you another time they are available.  You may be surprised at how this easy exercise can help you build life long connections.

Let me tell you a short story of how this helped me one day.  In a prior lifetime, I worked on the vendor side of things working on a gala with an event planner.  When the event planner wanted more lighting impact at the entrance to the gala within an hour of guest arrival, I wanted to help be part of the solution (even though I was the florist).  I quickly dialed a friend working for a lighting company (P.S. a different lighting company than who was already onsite hired for the event) to see if they could help.  Much to my wonderment, they were actually working around the corner on an unrelated event and had some extra equipment with them.  They not only offered to drive right over to set up their accent lights for use throughout the evening, but they didn’t even charge for the product or service!!  I repeat…at the end of the day, everyone likes to feel like the hero if possible.

The other moral to this story, is to be sure to “pay it forward”.  One day someone you know is going to call you in a dire situation needing rescue before guests arrive…be sure you answer the call, and  rise up and be their hero too!

Image result for underdog



How to survive event flu season

From the desk of Jamie Donovan


For me, that word brings a few things to the top of this Bostonian’s mind: freezing temperatures, snow, and, of course, flu season. Here are my favorite tips and tricks for staying healthy year round – but especially during event season!

1. Eat well! Load up your diet with fruits and vegetables to make sure you’re getting a heavy dose of vitamin C, which gives your immune system a nice boost.  Tip… when I start to feel a little under the weather, I add some lemon to a cup of hot water with a bit of honey! Lemons have antibacterial properties that can help fight off infections, and the honey adds a bit of sweetness.

2. Self-Care! This is a little bit different for everyone, but I think the most important things about self-care is setting time aside to do something nice for yourself. Enjoy a yoga class, put on a face mask, maybe take a hot bath – or all three! Give your body the R&R it needs.

3. Sleep! Aim to get 8-10 hours of sleep in each night. This will keep your body stonier and less susceptible to colds and the flu. Finding a nightly routine to do before bed is the perfect way to unwind and get your mind ready to sleep. Be sure to put away all electronics!

4. Flu shot! While you are still at risk of getting a cold, this will lower your chances of coming down with a the flu. Children and elderly are at a greater risk for serious complications, so make sure you do your part and get your shot!

5. Wash your hands! Am I starting to sound like your parents yet?! This may seem like a trivial point, but it is so important that everyone helps to limit the spread of germs. It’s amazing (and sometimes scary) how many surfaces we come in contact with each day, and the germs that come along with it! Tip… hide a bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse, car, or desk for convenience and peace of mind!

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