Ronnie Got Engaged!

Growing up, most girls envision a picture-perfect moment…the marriage proposal!  I never really had something specific in mind, but knew that when I met Joe, things were different. We understood each other’s jokes, had similar interests, and awkwardly (or awesomely) operated on the same wave length the majority of the time. Here’s a summary of what has happened on our adventure, and where it all stands today.

The Engagement

Joe was gearing up for his graduation from business school at Boston College in 2017. Little did I know, Joe called my parents (who live across the country) ahead of time and asked for my hand in marriage. After receiving my father’s blessing, Joe began the process of secretly getting a ring made that was reflective of who I am. Always a fan of the fabled “two-for-one” deal, Joe was planning on proposing to me right after his graduation ceremony. I had no idea, but his mom, my parents, and a couple of his close friends knew what I was in for.

After the ceremony, Joe dragged me around campus to take pictures together. I grew a bit frustrated and annoyed (it was cold out!) and wanted to just get in the car and to warm up. Finally, as I began to walk to one of the dozens of locations, Joe instead grabbed my hand as I was walking away and when I turned around, he was on his knee in his cap and gown!

Moving In

Moving in was a crazy concept to us….and finding a place in Boston in June is difficult! Joe went to see an apartment in Quincy, MA, and before I knew it, he had locked us into a two-bedroom apartment near the red line in a brand-new building. We love our new apartment!

Venue Shopping

The hardest part about venue shopping is figuring out what type of experience we want our friends and family to have. Given the size of my family, we knew the wedding would be in Seattle to make it as easy as possible for everyone. We flew out to the West Coast figuring we would end up at the winery that we had a soft hold on. But little did we know that the “wildcard” venues we threw in would actually win us over! We still have a bit of discussing to do, but are getting close to a decision. We are so excited to plan our wedding and have the time of our lives!  Stay tuned for updates on our journey.

Succulents on Succulents!

Looking for a way to spruce up your kitchen, bed-side table, or even your whole garden? Look no further, succulents are 110% the way to go.  They are beautiful, they don’t need a lot of attention, and they are fun to touch.  Big, small, on a window sill, in the middle of your dining table, wherever they may be, we can guarantee your guests will love them.

Add some small touches of succulents around the house…


Incorporate them into your wedding!


If we are really going crazy here, why not make them an entire wall in your back yard.


We just love succulents all around!

Check out our Pinterest page surrounding them:

A Company On A Mission

From the desks of Jana and Christine

In taking a moment to reflect on the past few weeks of events, all we have to say is WOW.  Seriously. We’ve worked with zoo animals, young musicians, public radio hosts, and authors.  A company that has transformed social media marketing. A bride who journeyed from an immigrant background to a Harvard Law degree. Graduates who celebrate with sushi, then go out and change the world.

We are continually awed and inspired by our clients.  So it’s important in these moments that we re-state and re-affirm our mission…so that we always remember.

To bring to life the singular, unique vision of each client, every time

We celebrate diversity.

To build positive, constructive, lasting relationships with our clients and vendors

We celebrate collaboration.

To design and produce innovative, evocative events

We celebrate creativity.

To balance profit with social responsibility

We celebrate community.

Today and every day.

26.2 Miles

26.2 miles. On a (incredibly and unexpectedly) warm Monday in April, I ran 26.2 miles. To put that in perspective – I crossed through eight Massachusetts’ cities, ran for just over five hours, took approximately 33,000 steps, and burned about 2,600 calories. Why did I do this to myself (other than the guilt-free beer and fries I ate afterwards)? The answer is pretty simple…I did it for the Boston Children’s Museum.

AE Events had the privilege of partnering with the Boston Children’s Museum on the planning of their 2016 Wonder Ball Gala held at the Museum in November.

This evening of delicious food and drinks, lively entertainment and an engaging program raised over $550,000.00 to help the Museum ensure their ability to welcome all children regardless of any physical, developments, or economic challenges.


On the tables, we colored blocked bright primary colors that fit the youthful feeling of the Museum and used creative branding to be sure the Museum’s messaging was front and center.


Check out the paint cans we customized with labels to highlight art and creativity!


It was such a fun event to not only organize, but to watch come to life. The planning for the 2017 Wonder Ball is well underway and we hope, just as we do for every one of the amazing non-profit organizations that we support, that they raise more awareness and funds to continue to help the children of our communities.

26.2 miles. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t hard, but most meaningful things are. And to be honest, I would do it again in a heartbeat (check back in around November – I’ll be running in the New York City Marathon on the 5th!). It’s incredible organizations like the Boston Children’s Museum that make our city the strong, resilient, and great place that it is, and I was honored to cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon wearing their name.


Tiki Tiki


In need of a fun summer party theme now that it is actually warm out?  Look no further.  A Luau is the only direction you need to go in!  Get ready to open your mini cocktail umbrella.

Daiquiri tiki bar, hula dancing lessons, leis galore! Who doesn’t love a good backyard bbq? Here is some inspiration to get your mind rolling.

This is a great theme for a backyard bbq or even a high school graduation party.  There are so many ways to make it unique.

These pineapple insipired doughnuts are everything..

Tacos! Because tacos…

These DIY pineapples are great as centerpieces or spread out through your backyard.

There are so many creative ways to elevate your party.  Tassels are super cute and very inexpensive!

We could use one of these classy Pina Coladas right now.

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