From the Intern: Incorporating Wellness into Events

By: Natalie Zajeski

The health trend..the health craze – however you name it, it is here to stay! Millenials, myself included, are a new type of consumer. Health is no longer a fad…it has developed into an overall conciousness of well-being, and all ages have become awakened.

But, what is wellness? According to The World Health Organization, wellness is, ...a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.” Overall wellness is complex, and is accomplished through practice of physical, environmental, emotional, and social wellness.

Sooooooo what does wellness have to do with events? A lot actually.

When planning an event, every detail has an impact far larger than itself. The event touches the people who attend it. So whether it’s an intimate wedding for 50 people, corporate dinner for a few hundred guests, or a conference for thousands, how those people felt before, during, and after the event is important.

Events can be designed to thoughtfully incorporate the wellness of its attendees. Here are some ideas:

Physical. Be conscious of the balance between time sitting and time standing. Cater healthy, yet delicious food options for guests.

Environmental. Give the option to recycle for guests.  Everyone feels good knowing they did something to help the earth – one bottle at a time.

Emotional. Venue has a huge impact: opt for outdoor locations to boost Vitamin D and ease stress. An open-floor plan, or breathtaking views are helpful as well.

Social. Events are social by nature. YAY! Our job is to provide opportunities for people to connect even more. Have stations to lock up phones at smaller gatherings so guests have time to communicate with one and other, or for larger events present a hashtag idea so attendees feel connected.


Wellness translates to everything we create as event planners. It is our job to design thoughtful experience for every client!

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