HOW TO POP THE QUESTION… The bridesmaid question that is!

From the desk of Kristen Kaneb

Looking for a creative way to ask your girlfriends to be your bridesmaids? From quirky to simple ideas, there are endless ways to ask for your BFF’s support on your special day. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  1. Message in a Mug: As you are at home or in a café enjoying some much needed caffeine, surprise your friend with the exciting news at the bottom of a mug.

You can buy this exact mug here.

2. Solve The Puzzle: Have your friend piece together a puzzle to reveal the message. This idea is fun and unique, not to mention it will get the brain working a little bit!

This puzzle is available at Etsy.


  1. Balloon Burst: Send over a special package to your friends’ houses. Inside the box they will find a balloon labeled “Pop me!” Once they follow the instructions, there is an explosion of confetti and a small note asking them to be your bridesmaid.

This arrangement is available to ship to directly to bridesmaids, with an option for customizable messages on the note.

  1. Cards with a Hidden Message: Ask your girlfriends by sending them a unique card. Have them scratch off the heart to reveal the exciting note.

Purchase this card here.


  1. Tasty Treat: All you need for this idea is a cute little box and a fresh donut. On the outside of the box is the phrase, “I donut want to get married without you,” and after they open it they see you are asking them to be your bridesmaid. And, as a bonus, they get to enjoy a delicious donut in celebration of being selected as a bridesmaid!

This box can be purchased at Etsy.


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