Melanie: Intern to Assistant

Hello world, my name is Melanie and I am the newest event assistant here at AE Events. I graduated from the University of New Hampshire in May with a degree in Recreation Management and Policy: Program and Event Management. I was previously an intern during the summer, but was lucky enough to be offered a full time position starting in the fall. Being at AE Events so far has been nothing short of a fantastic learning experience.

I didn’t originally want to be in the event planning industry. I went to UNH as a business major with the thought “I can do anything with this degree.” You can do anything with a business degree, but I wasn’t happy in my classes. I found the Program and Event Management option (unfortunately not until my junior year) and I was hooked from my first class. I ended up with a minor in business administration so it all worked out in the end.

What college doesn’t prepare you for is commuting, balancing a full time job and family and friends, and what an actual real life job in your chosen field will entail.

I’ll be honest, commuting is tough. Getting up extra early to sit in traffic, to get to a crowded train, only to then take a bus to my office has not been ideal. What makes it worth it is coming to a job that I thoroughly enjoy. Everyone here at AE Events has been so welcoming and open to teaching me what they know. I’ve learned so much in these past few months and I look forward to learning even more as I continue at this agency. I’ve learned in the office as well as on site at events. I love being on site at events because I can see how everything comes together. We set up everything for the event, supervise the event and then clean up when it’s done. We craft, organize and design for each client’s specific needs. That’s stuff you can’t learn in a classroom.

A few things this new job has taught me:

  • Always get enough sleep!
  • Dress for success every day. You’ll have a better day if you are confident in yourself.
  • Bring a lunch you’ll be excited about. I’m a big food person so I love lunch and I look forward to what I bring every day. For me, bad lunch = bad day.
  • Stay organized. I have an agenda that I would be lost without. It has everything in it that I need for work, as well as appointments for my life outside work. I depend on it with my life to keep me from double booking myself.
  • Make time for yourself. You’ll go crazy if you just work, work, work and don’t spend time doing something you love or spending time with the people you love.

My favorite quote is “You’ve got one life to love what you do.” So go out there, find something you love and don’t let anything hold you back.



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