Panama Fever

Typically it happens right about January 15th, I start to feel the itch – or should I say the cold – and I know it is time to seek warmer weather.  Traveling is one of my greatest pleasures…it affords me the opportunity to meet new people, see new places and learn the history of another country.  This year we set a few parameters for our trip – we only had one week so the flight had to be less than 6 hours, nonstop  (layover + winter = disaster!), temperature greater than 80 degrees, and an interesting history.

Panama it is!  Located in Central American with direct flights from Boston on Copa Airlines – average temperature 85 degrees – decision made.

First stop – Casco Viejo – Old City.  Destroyed in the 1600’s by Captain Henry Morgan (yes – there was a pirate Captain Morgan before he became the name of a famous brand of rum!).

Panama is the wealthiest country in Central America.  The new city showcases some of the most interesting architecture that I have seen.


You cannot go to Panama and not go through the famous locks of the Panama Canal. The canal was started by the French – but they were unable to survive yellow fever and have the engineering skills – enter the USA.  The canal was opened officially in 1914! The US retained ownership until 1999 when the Panama Canal was transferred from the US back to Panama.

Panama is a country of 4 million people – 2 millions of these folks live in Panama City – the city is bustling!  They do have some work to do on their infrastructure …their traffic jams made Boston look good.

It never fails while on vacation I seem to always find a wedding.  This beautiful bride had a “never ending” party on the roof top next to our hotel.

Now time for some peace and quiet…we had our history lessons, met some wonderful people, listened to great jazz so it was time to board a plane and head west – to paradise – Isla Palenque.  Located in the Pacific, off the coast of David, this eco -resort was breathtaking.

This was the perfect way to end our vacation – pool, sun, beach, cocktails – repeat!



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