Welcome Cortney!

Hello! I am Cortney Fullerton, and the newest addition to the AE Events family. I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful team of ladies!

A little about me? I grew up in Mansfield, MA and went on to college at Endicott College. I received my bachelor’s degree in Hospitality & Tourism, with an Event Management focus, and a Psychology minor. I found that I really loved the project management aspect of events, taking a small idea and creating a beautiful, meaningful event.

I am a person who is slightly obsessed with lists, and I LOVE checking things off of them. I have a list for everything, and I update them or make new ones all the time. Luckily for me, this list obsession has brought me great personal success in the industry – as organization is KEY! I am always re-working what organizational strategies work best for me, and have already started here at AE!

After working in catering at both the Hynes Convention Center and the BCEC for 5 years, it was time for me to spread my wings further in the world of events. I received my CMP in January, and I wanted to put my newfound knowledge to good use! I took some time for some self-reflection this summer, and to think about what really excites me. What I found… I love working with what I call the ‘cutesy’ stuff (ie. decor, invitations, flowers, anything fun and bright!) I like putting all the pieces together, and then, just like magic, I received a call from AE Events about an open Event Manager position on the team, and I felt like the stars were aligned!

My personal interests? I love to travel, lay on the beach, go running, DIY crafts, visit with friends. I am never not listening to music – I love music, and it helps me really get into the ZONE!

As my second week wraps up – here is what I found: The team at AE are so kind, helpful, and nothing short of amazing. I can’t tell you what it feels like to already belong to a team on your very first day of work. How often are you welcomed into a brand new office with hugs from your new co-workers?! I can’t wait to really dive in and get involved in the events here.

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