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From the desk of Phoebe Allen, Event and Social Media Manager

So, by now you must have seen our new website!? I hope so – if not please visit, we would love your thoughts…   Perhaps a new website is not a huge deal, but honestly to us it is!  We are so excited to showcase all our new galleries and really show the world what AE Events can do.  I was so honored to take the reins on this project and see the results of my hard work… it was so worth it!

In order to properly launch our website we wanted to showcase it to our clients specifically, but also to the world!  We came up with the idea to partner with two food trucks in specific locations where we knew our clients would be, but also random people that we just wanted to help get to know us.  We chose Back Bay and the Financial Area.  We then had to choose the trucks, this is tricky because they all are SO GOOD.  Working in the event planning industry we partner with food trucks all the time and they are all such a pleasure to work with.  We chose Roxy’s Grilled Cheese in Back Bay and the Whoopie Wagon in the Financial District.  

Our next task was promote promote promote!!  I heard somewhere that bragging about yourself isn’t a bad thing, it is really just sharing your accomplishments and marketing your company!  That is what we wanted to do.  So we worked with a cartoonist to come up with an awesome map:

V5 date added to color final.jpeg

This map really showcased many aspects to AE Events.

1.    Our creative side – any time you work with AE Events you will get our professionalism, our knowledge, but also more importantly our creative brains.  This map really helped showcase how creative we are as a company.

2.    It showcased our office – many of our clients have not visited - we are normally always on the go and going to client meetings at their offices. We wanted to show off our amazing little AE Events Home.

3.    Boston and the World – we pride ourselves on being a well-known Event Planner and our little plane up in the clouds helps show we are not only in Massachusetts; we are really all over!

When September 3 finally came, we were all thrilled to connect and promote AE Events.  We had the best time meeting new people, seeing old clients, and giving out delicious grilled cheeses and whoopie pies!  It was truly a great way to end the summer.

Photos below: