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Who doesn’t loves a good theme party… no doubt. However, bringing a theme to life can be overwhelming, and that is where AE Events comes in! Here are examples of two very different themed events, and how we brought each theme to life.


Tropical Caribbean Soirée

As we close in on winter, some people only dream of summer and the Caribbean skies, but we had a corporate client who wanted to make that a reality for their guest, even if it was just for a few hours.  They picked the theme “Tropical Caribbean Soirée,” and wanted to be sure guests felt like they were at a top-notch resort on a tropical island.

We developed the Caribbean theme by first choosing these clear chairs.  We wanted the room to feel as if the ocean was around you


We created the floor plan to fit some waves… long farm tables were spread out across the back part of the room in different rows, facing different directions.


On the tables, in place of any floral, we had loads of tropical fruit! The tables were so colorful, and guests were actually able to eat the fruit… we saw some pickers. There was pineapple, grapes, lychees, persimmon, mini bananas, plantains, coconuts, dragon fruit and so much more. We also had five different colored napkins that we spread out across the tables to bring even more pops of color to the table setting.


For some larger pieces, we had tiki huts as the appetizer food stations. They even came with tropical birds!


We also created some other statement pieces, to make guests really feel as though they were on a warm Caribbean island. We featured a hammock, surf boards spread across the room, and large drift wood bars.


Our main focal point was the stage. We wanted to create an island in the distance feel, so the entire skirt of the stage was covered in sand and shells.


Playful and Whimsical

This event was for the Boston Children’s Museum…their annual Wonder Ball always features a very fun theme that guests can relate to. This year’s theme revolved around the whimsical behaviors found in the Dr. Seuss books.

Lets start with centerpieces…so many options to choose from! We had two different floral options and even goldfish bowls!
We created some larger arrangements:


Some more intricate and playful ones:


And goldfish bowls!


The linens were also very fun, the room looked so bright no matter where you turned.


 Follow these signs! And grab a book…wonky design created a fun playful twist on adult fun in a Children’s Museum


The dance floor also looked so pretty with hanging string lights:


* All photographs by Allegro Boston

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