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Stop for a second and listen…what music is on right now? (NOTE: If it’s only playing in your head, that counts!) These days for me it’s always a track from “Hamilton” because my daughter Ella and I are obsessed!


But what about you? Is it that catchy new album you found on Spotify? The symphony that always moves you?  Your signature car karaoke song? The chilled-out playlist at the coffee shop?  Think about it…music surrounds us as the sound track to our days.

Music is powerful…it impacts our moods, celebrates our personal style, inspires us to move, reflects our joys and sorrows, and defines our culture. How does it define you?

I challenge you to stop and listen more each day to the music that accompanies you.

I also challenge you to think carefully about the music you choose when planning your events, and to harness music’s power to reflect who you are.

Celebrate good times (c’mon…)!


Perhaps with drummers to greet your guests?


Or maybe a little double-bass and sax with your cocktail?


And of course, a killer live band is the heart of every wedding.


“How does your party look?” is always a question.  But how does your party SOUND?

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