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You may have noticed that wedding welcome bags are becoming more and more intense these days, with customized items and bits and pieces from the couple’s lives…so we are here to help you decide what to put in and what to keep out of them!

First, we want to also point out that the only people who should receive them are your guests staying in hotels and your bridal party! The group of friends that wanted to save some dollars and rent an air B&B does not need a welcome bag. You should not have to drive around the city delivering these bags… this weekend is about you, not them!

For starters, a welcome bag is a gift basket (so to speak) that is put in a hotel room upon arrival, usually filled with goodies to get them through the weekend. Which brings us to another point…we only suggest one per room. Couples are quite good at sharing, and the only reason we see the need to have two bags in one room is if there are a set of children and they each would want one….as children do!

We have seen just about everything these days, from bags costing up to $100 each all the way to creatively created at $20 each. We want to help you through it all!


What to have IN your bag

The bag! You can have this be a reusable bag or just a super cute bag that you love.  It can be customized or not, all up to you!

Favorite beverage (you can pick between flat waters or sparkling waters). Some hotels do not allow you to bring in alcoholic beverages, no matter how small, so be aware of that.

Favorite sweet snack. We have seen all pink starburst, salt water taffy, and cotton candy! Be careful to not use a lot of chocolate as it may melt…

Favorite savory snack. Perhaps you love Cape Cod chips, or popcorn, or even kale chips! Who doesn’t love a good health snack.

A hangover kit – or any version of it! These are super easy to make on your own and much cheeper. You can buy the 2 pack of Advil, an Emergen-C, and a small pack of gum.


A welcome letter – We always suggest having a welcome letter! Even if you are not even doing a bag, a welcome note is still a lovely touch. We recommend including all the details your out-of-town guests need to know. Maybe your favorite coffee shop and breakfast spot, a thank you note for them traveling to you, and then the details for your big day! Now, yes, this is all probably on your website, but it can’t hurt to have it right in front of them as well!


What you can add in as extras: None of this is necessary, just fun!

A piece of fruit

Another type of water – if you want both sparking and flat

A luggage tag (because they are traveling!)

More sweet or savory snacks!  If your partner and you have very different tastes, add in both!

We also love working with companies that make them for you! LuxBox is an amazing company that helps you design your perfect welcome bag, and they also have pre-made ones ready to buy!

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